90 Day Intensive

Live 45-60min Weekly Sessions

Join our next 90 Day live Crew, designed for anyone wanting to create a future filled with clarity, confidence and happiness. 

"If you're anything like many of the coaches we've worked with over the last 15 years, they feel like they should have achieved more and made a bigger difference, they feel like they are letting themselves and their families down and are worried about what the legacy is that they are creating for their family. 

They have been through many personal and professional development courses and programs throughout their career, but they've realised that something has been holding them back from being that best version of themselves, and that nothing in the past has created a significant and lasting shift in outcomes. 

They are still in the same pattern and they can’t see how to create a future with greater security and freedom. They feel that there has to be more to life. They lack happiness, passion, clarity and confidence and they don't manage stress and anxiety well."

If any of this sounds like you, join us on this 90 day intensive, to set you up for business & life success.

Take the 1st Step in Becoming the Blackbelt Master of Your Life

Our next intake of our 90 Day ‘Personal Activation Program’ is starting in March, with only 20 spaces available. 

We provide the strategies, tools and a step-by-step process, showing you how to deal with the challenging situations in your life in a better way, and significantly reducing stress and anxiety. 

You will discover your passion and your purpose in life, while letting go of the limiting beliefs and blocks which were preventing you from becoming the very best version of yourself..

In addition to the live weekly sessions providing guidance and support from your own dedicated and certified Mind Mentor™, you will have access to our 5-star custom-designed Mobile Phone App which will track and guide you through the processes with simple but effective activities to fast track your transformation.

During this 90 day intensive, you will be given modern-day tools to quickly and easily give you the confidence to build the legacy of your dreams, and you will find balance in your existence with your business, family and your spouse, so that you are living the life you have always dreamed of!



    You'll Receive

    • Live 45-60 minute weekly online group coaching sessions with your dedicated Mind Mentor™ 
    • ​One 30-minute private live coaching session with your certified Mind Mentor™.
    • Premium App access - including activities, and hundreds of meditations. 
    • ​A leaderboard to track and benchmark your activity.
    • ​Direct Access to you Mind Mentor™ via the chat.
    • $200 Gift voucher* to redeem yourself on a Quality Mind Program or to gift to a family member.  *valid for 30 days upon completion of the program                          


    During stage one, we will create a personal activation plan based on Richard Maloney’s proven formula, used by thousands of people worldwide. 
    We evaluate where you are now, and where you want to be. We delve into understanding the obstacles that are holding you back and how to reprogram the thought patterns which are currently built-in. 
    You will learn techniques to overcome overwhelm and to instantly change your state from a negative one to a positive one.
    • Defining dreams
    • Removing fears
    • Become the observer of your thoughts and feelings
    • ​Reduce stress and overwhelm
    • ​Increase your energy and happiness levels
    • ​Implementing the science behind neuroplasticity
    yellow BELT
    During this stage, you will understand the laws which are influencing your life and how to utilise these to create the life you desire. You will explore the limiting beliefs which are derailing your dreams and learn how to dissolve these, enabling you to fast track your success.
    You will learn the art and power of meditation, even a few minutes a day can increase your clarity and ability to manage pressure.
    • Understanding the power of your thoughts and the impact they have.
    • Increasing clarity and direction for your life.
    • Life becomes more fun.
    • ​You will be more relaxed.
    • ​Excitement for your future and the opportunities available to you.
    Orange BELT
    During this stage, you will learn the differences between self-worth and self-esteem, how to build true self-worth and how to bring out the very best version of yourself.
    You will continue to focus on your ability to remain clear and calm under any pressures from your external world. You will look at the relationships in your life and learn to no longer be triggered by the actions of others.
    • You will feel totally energised and in love with life!
    • Your confidence will have increased dramatically.
    • External pressure will no longer affect you in the same negative way.
    • ​You will be a happier, more positive version of yourself.

    Here’s What Some Of Our Happy Clients Are Saying About This Program...

    "The QM programme has and still is a journey of self discovery. It was a safe trusting environment where the Crew could share many personal insights and hold each other accountable to the programme frameworks. 

    I recommend QM for those seeking to realise their full potential as people which will help drive the many hats we wear; be it as parents, business leaders, supporters to our family, friends and community. I have tools to apply which help to see life, people and the situations around me differently."
    Cameron Eustice
    "Because of this program, there feels like there are no longer limits to what I can achieve. It has removed a lot of my limiting beliefs around the expansion of my business and my brand, and I use the meditations around that a lot particularly the walking meditations. 

    For me specifically this program has enabled me to mentally break through the four walls of my studio and realise that there is so much more I can achieve. As a result, I'm now able to think about and take the necessary steps required to grow my business and open more studios without fear or self doubt or worry."
    Di DallOglio


    Are you a coach looking to significantly expand your offering & your income stream?
    Are you seeking a new, rewarding, and prosperous direction as a member of progressive Global team?

    Either way, with clients in 25+ Countries, and successful Mind Mentors across the globe, we are currently recruiting amazing individuals to help spread the Quality Mind Magic. In a nutshell, we help our coaches live a passionate and purposeful life!

    Meet Kirrilee Sunderland...

    As the Head of Global Community Support and a Mind Mentor with Quality Mind, Kirrilee has guided people from around the world through the Quality Mind program. Many clients have had such profound changes in their lives that they want to share their knowledge and experience to guide others to do the same. Kirrilee supports and trains Mind Mentors to do just this.

    Book a discovery call with Kirrilee to find out more about our Personal Activation System and how it could assist you.

    Book a discovery call for a FREE evaluation to get you on your way to a Quality Mind, with a tailored personal development plan or to find out more about joining our Global Team. 


    Receive FREE Access to the Quality Mind Premium app for 3 months

    Richard Maloney

    Founder & CEO, QUALITY MIND

    Richard Maloney is the founder and CEO of Quality Mind Global, an international mindfulness business with over 500 clients in 30+ countries. He is also the founder of Engage & Grow Global, which is now recognised as the number one employee engagement licensing company in the world. 

    Richard has been a headline speaker at many industry conferences and events, and he has spoken in 15 countries about mental health in life and business.

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