Build Your Resilience in Times of Crisis... 
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Uncertainties and worries about the future are growing, which means our mind begins to obsess about things like:
What will happen to my family if we run short on money?

What will happen if I, or people I love 
catch it? 

Will I have a job tomorrow?

How long will all of this last?

That’s when mental resilience becomes our best tool – keeping our mind under control so we can take positive 
and proactive action to make the best of what is being thrown at us.

Learning the basics of mental toughness is made possible with the use of the Quality Mind Personal Activation System, which is being offered for FREE as part of our contribution to the defeat and recovery from 
the global challenges, which we are facing.

You can make BIG changes to your mental outlook in just 7 days with the guidance of Richard Maloney, a specialist Mind Mentor that top athletes have used to overcome their injuries and slumps in performance.

Richard has also been coaching for 15 years, and has successfully coached hundreds of 
executives, adolescents, mums, and dads from 25 countries.

Hear what our clients have to say...

  •  Kelly Major

"I was already doing work on myself but 
this is next level. I feel that Quality Mind has set me free" 

  •  Cameron Eustice

"It's been one of the most interesting personal development journeys I've done. The lessons I've taken have been significant"

  •   Stacie Nowack 

"With Quality Mind I built a new beautiful life. It helped me get through a really difficult time of my life. It's an absolute game changer and it's fun!"

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Program Summary...

Day 1

  • Feature: We will dive into what really causes us stress and anxiety in a crisis
  • Advantage: You will learn new tools to eliminate worry
  • Benefit: You will walk taller and feel more secure in today's world

Day 2

  • Feature: We will help you understand our inner dialogue, enabling you to easily see your mind patterns unfold
  • Advantage: This will create greater pressure vents in your mind 
  • Benefit: You will manage pressure like a pro and become so much cooler and calmer under pressure

Day 3

  • Feature: You will learn the tools to activate your mind, enabling you to see more clearly while under pressure
  • Advantage:  You will experience new levels of energy entering your system and infusing through your entire body
  • Benefit: You will feel more at ease, sleep like a baby and most definitely laugh more!

Day 4

  • Feature: I will teach you the 6 Stages of Mindful Alignment
  • Advantage: You will see yourself from a different angle
  • Benefit: Your foresight and decision making will improve out of sight

Day 5

  • Feature: I will teach you modern day science about the True Power of the Heart
  • Advantage: You will connect with your intuition more frequently
  • Benefit: You will make smarter, faster and more creative decisions

Day 6

  • Feature: I will show you how to create your own personal 100 Point Plan
  • Advantage: Your days will be far more structured, flowing with more energy
  • Benefit: You will live with more freedom and focus

Day 7

  • Feature: We will privately assess your growth over the last 7 days
  • Advantage: You will see the growth and clearly identify areas that require more focus
  • Benefit: You'll be far more knowledgable on who you want to be and how you want to think

Format Structure...

Daily Live Zoom Sessions

Each session will run for roughly 20 minutes, live via our private Facebook group page. If you are not able to join the session due to timezone challenges, they will be available for you when you wake up and have time to listen. 

Join the QM Global Community

Quality Mind is currently assisting over 300 clients in 25 countries. You will be given access to connect, mingle and build new friendships with like-minded people along the way. 

Mentoring by 
Richard Maloney

All sessions will be guided by Quality Mind Founder and CEO, Richard Maloney. Richard has been coaching for 15 years, and in this time he has coached hundreds of athletes, executives, adolescents, mums, and dads in 35+ countries throughout the world. 

Additional Mind Mentor Support 

Over the years many of our clients have joined our global team and become certified Mind MentorsTM. You will also have their full support along the way. 
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What is Quality Mind?
Quality Mind helps people suffering from anxiety or everyday pressures. Built for business leaders, employees, families, couples, and individuals who wish to overcome life's challenges and better respond to pressure.

Many people – both young and old – struggle to cope with mounting societal pressures.

Quality Mind will arm you with the latest tools necessary to alleviate stress and anxiety 
and help you achieve your self-growth goals.

Build Your Resilience in Times of Crisis... 
FREE 7 Day Live Online Program 

Facebook Live Session Times 

 Monday 2pm, 30th March 2020
 Tuesday 2pm, 31st March 2020
 Wednesday 2pm, 1st April 2020
 Thursday 2pm, 2nd April 2020 
 Friday 2pm, 3rd April 2020 
 Saturday 2pm, 4th April 2020 
Sunday 2pm, 5th April 2020

(Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

*If you are unable to be there to watch the live session the 
recordings will be made available to you each day.

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As a gift, when you register I will give you a FREE ebook copy of my soon to be released book... 

->  Stress-Free - Mental Training For Business Leaders 

Authored by Richard Maloney

Due out May 2020.
As another gift, when you register I will also give you a FREE ebook copy of my recently released book... 

->  Injury-Free - Mental Training For Elite Athletes

Authored by Richard Maloney

Released in January 2020
Act Now & Secure Your Spot...
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